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Low Purine Diets

Making The Most Out Of Your Low Purine Diets


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One painful disease that you would not want to have is uric acid gout. Let us take a look on its causes, symptoms and treatment to have a better understanding of the uric acid gout disease.

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Uric Acid Gout

Uric acid gout is caused by excess uric acid levels that can lead to development of crystals that can dump in the tissues of the body, particularly the joints. This will cause acute inflammation of the joints. If not treated promptly this can persist and cause severe and irreversible damage to the surrounding tissues. Uric acid is a product of purine metabolism. Purines are formed through breakdown of certain foods that we consume. So it is important to reduce the intake of foods that contain a lot of purines.

The uric acid crystals that are formed and deposited in the joints or its surrounding tissues can cause redness, swelling, inflammation and severe pain. The common joints affected are the big toes, knee and ankle. But other joints can be affected s well. Uric acid levels in the blood can be affected by your diet, fluid intake, health status and other factors.

Conventional treat of uric acid gout consists of medications, natural remedies, diet and exercise. The usual medications prescribed include NSAIDS, corticosteroids and colchicines. These drugs play a good job in relieving painful symptoms. There are natural and home remedies that can also help in relieving the condition. These remedies are good because they are natural, convenient and affordable. It is just a matter to find out which remedies are right and most helpful for you.

Uric Acid Gout Diet

uric acid goutA diet low in uric acid is commonly prescribed for those who suffer from gout. The diet consists of low purine foods. Foods like red meats, organ meats, certain seafood are avoided because they have are purine-rich food. Asparagus, mushrooms, and cauliflower are some vegetables to avoid as well. Limit intake of fatty and sugary foods as well because they can aggravate gout attacks. Eat foods like pasta, soy products, pasta, eggs, low-fat diary products, and fruits and vegetables. Adequate fluid intake and alcohol restriction is emphasized in this diet as well.

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A low purine diet is usually specified for people with gout. What then is this condition called gout? Gout is a condition wherein there are excessive levels of uric acid in the blood streams. These elevated levels then form crystals that lodge in the joints which causes swelling, redness and severe pain. Purines, which are commonly found in foods most people usually consume nowadays, when metabolized by the body, are broken down in the form of uric acid. When there is a build-up of uric acid, especially in the joints, these would then result to painful gout symptoms, such as swelling and extreme pain. The goal of a low purine diet is mainly to monitor and limit intake of purines in the food consumption.

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Low Purine Diet

low purine dietLow purine diet is really helpful in lowering the uric acid levels in the body. This low purine  diet involves reducing consumption of food high in purines. The basics for this diet would be the consumption of moderate amounts of protein, by limiting intake of meat, fish and poultry. Choosing leaner meats would help reduce intake of fats, and go with foods that are prepared with less oils. Other elements of the diet include limiting alcohol intake to 1 drink for 3 times a week only and drinking 2 to 3 liters of fluids everyday.

Foods with the highest amount or purines that should be avoided by people who have gout or are prone to acquiring it include beef, pork, seafood, lamb anchovies, sardines and liver. On the other hand, those who follow the a purine restricted diet could limit consuming other foods like asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas, whole grain cereals, and they can eat in moderation white poultry meats like chicken or turkey. The best bets to include in a  low purine diet would be cereals, green vegetables, fruits, cheese, milk and milk products.

So now that was the nitty-gritty of  the low purine diet. This diet is essential for those who are suffering from gout or who are prone to the disease. Eating foods low in purine and avoiding those with high amounts of purine is a good start to avoid gout attack or symptoms. The health benefits of this low purine diet are great and this is one good preventive measure and management for people with gout.

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If you are diagnosed of having gout, then you might as well read this low purine diet sheet that I will be presenting in the next few paragraphs. Read through it so you will have a better understanding of this low purine diet sheet and its indications.

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Low Purine Diet Sheet

low purine diet sheetA low purine diet is usually prescribed to those with gout. Purines, when metablized in the body will produce uric acid levels. Increased levels of uric acid are the cause of painful gout symptoms. So this low purine diet sheet centers on the foods that are low in purine and restrict foods which are high in purine with the goal of lowering the uric acid levels in the body.

Foods Allowed

The foods allowed in a purine-restricted diet include fruits and fruit juice. You can enjoy a whole lot of fruit choices like cherries, apples, bananas, strawberries to name some. Vegetables especially green leafy ones and tomatoes are incorporated in the low purine diet sheet. Refined breads and cereals and pasta are allowed. These are good sources of carbohydrates. Low fat milk and dairy products are good options to include. You may eat low –fat cheeses, butter and milk. Fat intake should be limited to 30 % of the total calorie intake. Soy products such as tofu are good substitute for meat in your diet. You can also enjoy drinking the common favorites like chocolate, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Foods Avoided

Foods that are restricted because of its high purine content include pork, beef, bacon lamb and organ meats (heart, kidney and liver). Alcohol drinks are very much avoided as well. Asparagus, dried beans, peas, lentils, spinach and mushrooms should not be included in your diet list also. Other foods avoided include yeasts, broths, bouillon and gravies. These foods I’ve mentioned should be avoided so as to keep the uric acid levels your body controlled.
I hope this simple low purine diet sheet has helped you in choosing the right foods to eat. It is important to take note of which foods to buy or cook. This way you are sure that you keep you purine levels controlled and maintained at healthy levels.

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Low purine diet recipes could be just as delicious as any other ordinary and no purine-restriction diet. There are a lot of food and ingredients that are low in purine that you can actually use in coming up with a delicious recipe. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines that foods rich in purines are to be avoided and make sure low purine foods are included in the low purine diet recipes.

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Low Purine Diet Recipes

low purine diet recipesWhen preparing low purine diet recipes, it is important to make sure that the ingredients used are low in purine. Be sure to avoid foods high in purine which include red meats, organs meats, mince meats and meat extracts. Though these are the common favorites, they are not good choices for a purine restricted diet. Some seafood like tuna, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and also yeast, dried beans and peas are to be excluded also from the list of allowable ingredients for the low purine diet recipes.

Those foods I’ve mentioned above cannot stop you from coming up with tasty recipes because there is a huge variety of food and ingredient choices available for you to be able to create recipes with low purine content. These include low-fat dairy products, yogurt, pasta, white breads, whole grains and cereals. Majority of the vegetables, especially the green-leafy ones are included as well. And of course, fruits and fruit juices should not be missed as well. You can still enjoy cherries, strawberries, grapes and blueberries to name a few. With this wide selection, all you need then is to master the art of picking the precise ingredients with low purine. You can try making cheese pasta, macaroni and tomato salad, vegetable soups, or garlic potato appetizers. Or you can have some yogurt drinks or cherry juice for yourself.

There are a lot of good low purine diet recipes that you could actually come up with.

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Just keep in mind the foods to be avoided and include the low purines ones and then you are good to go. All you need to do is the get the right ingredients and some experimentation and creativity, then you are on your way to coming up with a healthy and scrumptious low purine diet recipes.

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