Cherry Juice For Gout

Note that this blog is not the main page of Gout Diet Guide but only serve as a review site. To view the main webpage, Click Here: In 1950, Dr. Ludwig W. Blau discovered valuable effect for cherry juice for gout.  He inadvertently experienced the effects of cherry juice since he had gout.  He…

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Diet for Gout Sufferers

Diet for gout sufferers is devised to help people with gout to beat the disease.  Gout is a painful disease that occurs wherein there are crystals formed that are lodged in the joints due to elevated uric acid levels in the body.   The diet certainly plays a vital factor in controlling and managing the disease…

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Colchicine For Gout

How does the medication Colchicine for gout works?  Colchicine is a toxic natural product extracted from the plants of the Colchicum genus.  It has long been used to treat rheumatic problems especially gout and is still used for the same purpose nowadays despite the issues of its toxicity when taken in high dosages.  Colchicine remains…

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