A low purine diet menu is a plan that includes which food choices are included and excluded from the diet. Consumption of foods low in purine is the highlight of this diet plain. A low purine diet is usually recommended to people with gout in view of the fact that it will not cause elevated uric acid levels in the body thus preventing gout attacks. It is but important to know how to devise a menu which avoids high-purine foods and at the same time, we should see to it that well-balanced meals are being planned.
Menu Guidelines

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Low Purine Diet Menu

low purine diet menuTo be able to come up with a good low purine diet menu, we must take into considerations which foods to avoid, which to eat moderately and which foods are best to eat. Include 6-11 servings of breads, cereals or rice daily, avoiding high fat breads and going for refined grain and low-fiber cereals. All fruits and juices, especially cherries and strawberries are good choices with a serving of 2-4 each day. Low-fat and skim milk, coffee and tea are also allowed. Almost all vegetables are included in the low purine diet menu. Organ meats, yeast, meat extracts, anchovies, sardines should be greatly avoided. Alcohol intake should also be limited. Spinach, oats, legumes, mushrooms, poultry meat and cauliflower are some of the foods that are to be eaten with limitations.

Sample Low Purine Diet Menu

A good sample menu would be orange juice, berries and white toast with margarine for breakfast. Hamburger on bun, baked potato with margarine, and 1 cup of fruit salad are choices for lunch. And for dinner, tossed salad, chicken breast with no skin, rice, broccoli, sherbet and iced tea. With this sample menu, you can not only eat delicious food choices, but at the same time you have avoided those that are high in purine. But of course, we have to take into consideration that we consume them in appropriate servings.

After recognizing which foods to avoid and eat, you are then ready to make a low purine diet menu. There are lot choices that we include in our meal plain and we just have to see to it that we also know the proper portions to consume per day. And we should keep in mind that we include those who are healthy and at the same time low in purines.

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