"Veteran Nurse Will Teach You How To Stop Gout Pain Through A Free 8-Part  Course On Gout  Foods to Eat and Avoid"

Your daily diet affects your uric acid levels which leads to gout pain.

 Finding the right information online on what to eat and drink can be both confusing and unsafe to follow.

In this free course, you'll learn how to eat better than 97% of other gout sufferers and take control of your condition.

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What's in the FREE course?

In this 8-Part course, Nurse Claudine Henderson, RN with the help of her colleagues, you will be able to:

  • Know whether or not you have gout or just a "pseudo-gout"
  • Find out what to eat
  • Learn what NOT to eat
  • Be confident in creating your own gout diet meal plans
  • Learn how to still enjoy your favorite foods and drinks (yes, including alcohol intake)
  • So much more...

Each lesson is supplemented by "takeaway" notes, video summary at the end of each part, and the commenting system will allow you to interact with Nurse Henderson and fellow gout sufferers.

Further, each one should take no longer than 30-minutes which you can do at your own pace, convenience, or availability.

What Are The Requirements?

  • Gout Diet Course Kit (Highly Recommended. Delivered Free via email)
  • Pen and Paper (Or Printer for important lessons)
  • Investment of Time (You will need to put some practice for this to work)
  • Investment of Money (You will be making changes with your food choices, advanced resources or trainings)
  • Investment of Effort (Most important.)

Step By Step Instruction Videos


After each online lesson, an instructional video will summarize what you have learned in each part. This is presented by Tim Perry, Nurse Claudine's resident gout health teaching associate.

About The Course Author

dako"Claudine Henderson is a Veteran Gout Nurse, Medical Researcher, Health Consultant and Author.  Majority of her nursing career has been spent doing client health consultations by specializing in gouty arthritis and gout diet. She is the founder of and author of the “Gout Diet Guide” ebook which has helped over 6,582 patients effectively manage their gouty arthritis and halt the progression of damaged caused by this disease."

The Course Presentor

5_V1"Tim Perry is the co-founder of which provides tips and advice on managing   gouty arthritis. He is a former gout sufferer turned health writer, who was able to overcome this condition by following the special gout diet created by veteran nurse Claudine Henderson. He believes that with this diet, several gout sufferers like him will be able to surmount and prevent the onset of gout symptoms and damage."

Course Outline

  • Do you really have gout?

Learn the essential basics of this chronic condition and the importance of being able to distinguish it from other diseases that mimic its symptoms.

  • Debunking Gout Myths From Pure Facts Once And For All

We’ll debunk all the common misconceptions and bad information surrounding Gout that you thought were true all these years.

  • Foods In Your Kitchen That You Should Throw Away Today

Find out what are the foods readily available in your kitchen that are triggering your gout attacks.

  • What Foods To Eat And Avoid If You Have Gout?

Know what are the foods you should eat and foods you should limit when you’re in a Gout Diet.

  • Are you drinking enough fluids?

Prevent the onset of gout flare-ups by following our tips on how to stay well hydrated if you have gout.

  • What Are The Crucial Vitamins, Minerals And Herbs Needed To Avert Gout Attacks?

Get to know the vitamins, minerals and herbs you should include in your Gout Diet to prevent the next gout attacks.

  • Best Way To Lose Weight For Gout Sufferers

There is definitely a better way to lose weight if you have gout. Learn how to shun away from diet pitfalls and achieve a healthy weight.

  • Eat This, Not That – Gout Edition.

Discover healthier alternatives to your food cravings and make better food choices.

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